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My childhood friend found out about my DLness...What a cool day.

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Hi ya everone! Im back in my blogs with some cool stuff that happend yesterday that just made my day and my life complete...

Yesterday,I came over to my friends house to give her some anima[japanese cartoon pic because I cant spell that word right]pictures that I found on the internet a day prior...

So,I gave her my 16 GB USB drive that I put the pic on and as she was putting in the USB drive,I totally forgot that I had some of my Pokemon diapered pictures on it.So after she did,I,told her not to look in a folder called ¨private¨ and she asked me ¨What,Its got naked pictures in it?¨ and I said ¨No!?! Ewwww but It may have some...Ummm...Pokemon in diapers pic in it¨

Her:¨Well that not that bad and actually Pokemon would be cute in diapers but why do you have those pictures

Me:Ummmm...[I got my Pokemon tote bag that got diapers in it] you see[I open up a zipper that has my Nintendo DS games in it] this bag is used for not DS games but....[got scared inside but opened the main zipper that revealed my diapers that I had]....Dont hate me for saying this but I have a interest in diapers
Me:¨I dont know,I just like to wear them for some reason¨
Her: Well,everyone is different...Do you dress like a baby tho?
Me: No! Im not like tho's people[no offense]

Oh my goodness...I could not beleave that my fear that we would not be friends anymore was just...Yeay!!!!!!!

I got no more weaght on my shoulders,It feel grand to be able to be open to my friends and that in a few days,we will receive our high school deploma together.

The bigest fear of my DL side is gone that I may lose friends if they found out is gone!!!!!

My diapered Turtwig plush[He says hi to you guys] and me say bye untill I blog again.


  1. Catperson's Avatar
    I'm glad it went well, but it seems like you revealed way more than you needed to. I'm sure if she was a real friend she wouldn't have looked in the folder if you really didn't want her to. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.