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Got ALL my baby stuff on the SAME DAY!

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Today is the best dayyyy EVAR!

So I ordered... a mimijumi bottle , new nuk5 paci, and I had gotten a toy from Mcdonalds!

YEEEY so I check the mail today and theres three packages waiting for me D: I was like WOW 0_0....I got them all on the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here they are :3

AND Pacifiers R Us,gave me coupons for ABuniverse...AND a diaper!....
but omg...I am a really tiny girl...I mean...I can fit into toddler diapers just fine...and hey sent me like a HUMUNGUS GIANT DIAPER....

D: Its not gonna fit me LOL! Im gonna have to modify it for little people like me LOL :sweatdrop:

ONLY thing im disappointed about is that the mimijumi bottle is so tiiiny....I though it was going to be bigger 0_0. I guess I shoulda gotten the larger one.

ANYWAY without further...uh..due xD
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