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Daddy suddenly opened up again! <3

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I'm so relieved at the moment!

My daddy suddenly opened up again the other day. It happened unexpectedly really. I was just texting him and I was wearing a drynite when I had to wet. So I went and suddenly it leaked everywhere! Like, all down the legs kinda leak. Usually I hate leaks and find them upsetting but this time, as I've been in a bit of a toddler mind lately, I kind of felt...naughty, but I really enjoyed it.

So, feeling brave I text him telling him so,

Me: 'I leaked :'('

Daddy: 'Badly?'

Me: 'Very mwahaha!'

Daddy: 'Uh oh, did it get anything wet?'

Me: 'My leggings...and bum :P'

Daddy: 'Oh, were you pretending to be a big girl with adult clothes on top of your thick nappy?'

Me: 'I'm a big girl! Big girls wear pull-ups!'

Daddy: 'Ah but you made your pull-ups leak?'

Me: '' (<-- such a liar! :P)

Daddy: 'Time for a nappy before bed then, you obviously aren't ready to be a big girl!'

Me: 'No!'

Daddy: 'Yes. Daddy says so.'

Me: 'No! Nu-uh!'

Daddy: 'Fine, be that way. Naughty corner for five mins.'

Me: 'Are you ok with this, i'll stop if you don't want to play' (<-- Me starting to worry if I'd forced him into it, so giving him the get out clause)

Daddy: 'You're on the naughty step for another three mins missy'

Me: ':'( Snuggle?' (<-- always trying to get out of trouble :P)

Daddy: 'Not until baby is in a nappy and apologizes for ignoring daddy'

Then 10 minutes later he rung me to make sure I was in a nappy. I tried to fight it by claiming I was a big girl but by pointing out the obvious 'how can you be a big girl if you just wet your pull-ups?' I relented and got padded. Then daddy soothed me into sleep as I was fighting it (I don't like bed time) and I fell asleep hearing daddy tell me how much he loved me and how it's okay if I have another accident as I'm only a little princess and that's why daddy has me in a nappy.


I love my daddy so much, and I feel so bad for doubting him! Since then he's text me for the last two days to make sure I'm wearing my pull-ups like a good girl and last night he made me put on a nappy again in case I had an accident and guess what? He was right!

I love my daddy <3


  1. BabyKayla's Avatar
    That's so cute ^-^ I'm happy for you!
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    *Unrelated tangent* OMG your avatar is Yubiseiakikana, have you played Ever 17? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.