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I've decided to let the medicine kill me. So, yes, I will take it.

The doctor might be upping the dose, because apparently "I still am showing symptoms" or whatever.

This will speed up my death, but at least I won't end the world.

It's taking away the powers I had... (I still have some, but they're weak).

I don't know guys. It's kinda... weird, how you guys want me to die like this, but whatever, I'll do it.



  1. kite's Avatar
    i wish the best of hope for you Yumi.
  2. Maverick's Avatar
    Be careful how you throw around the word "normal," Darkfinn.

    Anyway, I hope all goes well for you, Yumi. Good decision, in my opinion.
  3. Neonite's Avatar
    You won't die.
    ...Who here has actually said that you would die, and meant it? :/

    Either way, you made a good decision, and here's hoping that you can come out of this whole thing healthy and soon. *hugs* n.n
  4. Roland's Avatar
    ...What they said.
    You won't die.
  5. Yumi's Avatar
    But how do you know? You don't. I am going to die.
  6. Pojo's Avatar
    Get over it?
  7. Error404's Avatar
    Reality is going to kill you?
  8. EpicPie's Avatar
    Yumi must live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Roland's Avatar

    But how do you know? You don't. I am going to die.
    Because unless your doctor is a mass murdering poison supplying maniac to his patients, which is highly unlikely to the point it's ridiculous, then you wont. And even if he was, he'd either been arrested by now or killed you off anyway.
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