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System Destruction

extremely addicted to Diablo 3

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Yep, so I've vanished along with many others I'm sure into the realm that is Diablo 3.

Currently I am on Nightmare Act 2 playing with my Level 39 Monk :3

If anyone is interested adding me! Just shout out :3

But, besides diablo 3 I just had a pretty eventful weekend (and weekday)


Last weekend I went to visit some furry friends nearby, it was so much fun! We always have a blast when we are together, and along with being there we did a lot of things. Our first night we went to a karaoke bar, which was quite a lot of fun. I have never been to karaoke, nor did I sing (nor will I ever), but it was pretty fun. The second night we went to play pool at Dooly's which, I did alright in, I'm not that good, but neither was anyone else.

The morning of our last day there (Sunday) was pretty awesome! We went out fursuiting at a nearby park, it was very nice out that day, and the park was packed!

There were so many people following us, taking photos, waving, everyone was so happy and excited to see us. I couldn't have had more fun that day!

*snip* permanently... can't upload the photos due to rules :P Sorry


Last night was a night of amazing!

My bf did the nicest thing for me ever, I didn't expect it or ask for it when he did it. It was so awesome!

In short, he bought some rubber bath toys (Duck, Turtle, and a Crab) and gave me a bath (with bubbles of course!). It was so sweet :3


Anyways, Diablo 3 will be back up in 40 minutes!

I decided to finally post this blog since it is down for maintenance haha!

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