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Unhappy in my nappy...

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Well, there comes a time, usually when highly stressed when my AB side gets out of control and I find I dedicate too much time to it. Sadly, that time is now.

I am endlessly thinking AB fantasies; Daddy giving me a bath, Daddy and me snuggling on the sofa, Daddy putting me to bed. But this reality is both attainable and unattainable at the same time. Let me explain.

I have a daddy, he is amazing and in a month we shall be living together. Pure bliss. But there is also a growing part of me that is terrified that if I don't reign in my urges, I'll push him away. Lately, every time we've spent a weekend together, I have been wearing. Not 24/7 thankfully, but almost every night of the visit and I know it must annoy him greatly.

But I simply cannot help it. At the moment my levels of stress are through the roof (third year of Uni, final hand-in's, financial and home troubles) and because of that my need for babying is increasing. Whilst I wear when I'm with him, it's not really baby-time - no bottles, no clothes, no rocking or things and so my urge for babyhood is growing. It's not his fault, he is just as stressed and it's not right that I force him to baby me if he doesn't want to. But I'm so desperate right now. I'm only writing this now because he has pretty much left the site so I feel it's safe to come out with these things.

He's so amazing but I'm so worried that I will go too far and my need for AB will kill our relationship.

I haven't worn since I left him, which probably isn't smart as I need to scratch this itch, but it just seems pointless if there's no-one there with me.

I may try wearing tonight - a goodnite, so nothing heavy, and see if that numbs the urge for a while. Stupidly I left my dummy at his so I can't even suck on that to calm me down, such a silly baby!


  1. ZorroTheTool's Avatar
    Hey there! So I had seen this post and the subsequent following one, and thought I could offer some Daddy perspective. The only disclaimer is not all Daddies are the same, so take this with a grain of salt. Moving on...

    We love our AB girls. Let me say it again, We. LOVE. Our. AB. Girls. If your SO has truly taken to being on being your Daddy, not just a role, but truly cares for you in that way, there's almost no amount of "little time" will dissuade him from wanting to keep enjoying that special bond. Yes, he will get tired of it if you do it too much, but so will you! This kind of lifestyle isn't something any of use can really keep up for days and weeks and a lifetime. He'll get tired of being the responsible one all the time, and you'll get tired of not having the privileges a big girl has. But what's going on is totally natural, you're planning to move in with this guy who you've been fantasizing about being in the Daddy role for pretty much forever right? It's so many hopes and dreams all wrapped up into one, why wouldn't you be excited? So OF COURSE you'll want to binge. Give him some warning, but don't hold back those feelings. I'd expect they'll likely pass within a few days of being his baby.

    If you're really interested in knowing what he has to think about it, the best time to ask is when he's in one of his "zoned out" times, doing something basically mindless to relax. Make it as simple a question as you can (yes/no is best) and hit him with it. If he answers right away, he'll pretty much have said whatever he truly thought about it. If he takes a few moments to think before answering, he may bend the truth to spare your feelings... or he may just have to pull his thoughts together. But usually, if you ask a guy will tell you what he thinks, maybe polished up a little, but usually the truth.

    I hope the two of you are very happy together and he appreciates your little side as much as you appreciate your Daddy
  2. Littleabgirl's Avatar
    Wow. Thank you so much! You have been so supportive to me, posting on my wall and my story and I really appreciate it. You sound like an amazing person and I just want to thank you again for taking the time to make sure this little baby girl felt okay and reassured. You are amazing and I wont forget it!

    Is this something you have experienced yourself?
  3. ZorroTheTool's Avatar
    It's what I do. I used to identify as a TB/DL, but I would have to say I've found my true calling as a caretaker or "Daddy." When I see a little girl who needs a Daddy, or one who's struggling with just about anything in their life, it activates that part of me, hense my comment

    I'm more than a little jealous that you're getting to move in with your SO, as 500 miles and a few years of age separate me and my BabyGirl at the moment. But I know the mindset, the feelings and the way I would be reacting in that moment, so I can pretty easily come in and give that kind of advice.

    Obviously, this whole "moving in" issue is not something I've had to deal with myself... not yet anyway, but the basic issues of how much "little time" both people can stand crops up in pretty much all Daddy/LG relationships. It's one of those things you just have to be open and accepting about while you try and work through it. In our relationship, I'm probably the one who pushes for MORE "little time," even when she's really not in the mood, or has too many responsibilities to regress and be my little one. I just have that desire or bug to caretake and I want her to be my little princess. She on the other hand really has a hard time going to that "little" headspace if she has any kind of stress going on and she really needs to be relaxed before the BabyGirl can come out and play.

    So we work at it. She knows I can pretty much be Daddy at the drop of a hat, and I hardly need any encouragement. Likewise, I know the times when can be my BabyGirl are fairly few and they happen when they happen. So I've encouraged her to contact me whenever she's feeling that way and I try not to push the issue when she's being an adult (although I have been known to fail at that from time to time :/)

    Anyways, I hope so much that everything will work out well for you! You sound as though you truly need a Daddy in your life, and I'm sure it'll all work out for the best
  4. ZorroTheTool's Avatar
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  5. Littleabgirl's Avatar
    Hi again

    So when did you discover your love of being a daddy? Do you get to see your little girl often? Thank you for giving daddy-reassurance to this little girl. <3

    My daddy and I were long distance for our whole relationship. At the best we were (and still are for the next few weeks) 1.5 hours away, at the worst it was about 3.5 but it is so worth it in the end! I hope you and your little girl get to see more of each other eventually. Also, a few years is no big deal, as we all well know on this site age is just a number!

    I'm definitely the one who pushes for more little time. I love being a baby girl! But I have now spoken to him about it again and he's reassured me that we will find that balance soon and I do believe him. I expect there will be some troubles along the way but I'm sure it will be fine in the end.

    You sound like a really caring daddy to your baby girl and I'm sure that if you were closer there would be more time for play, as it is just enjoy what you get when you can get it. After all we're both very lucky to have someone to begin with that we can share this with, but I understand the desire to always be in one role. It's sometimes so much easier than the other!
  6. ZorroTheTool's Avatar
    Hmmm, let's see. I guess it's have to be like 2 years ago, when I started really frequenting sites like this. I had previously looked at forums and sites that were AB/DL related, but never joined or participated. As I started to get to know people in the community, I discovered that we're all pretty much just normal people and that there were even little girls like yourself out there. After that, it was my reading of AB fiction, both on this site and others that drew me to the Daddy role. Because as I was reading I found myself identifying less and less with the baby side of what was happening, and much more with the caretakers and how they cared for their littles. Especially the little girls, who are just so cute in general they're hard to resist!

    So eventually I went hunting for a little to adopt, and after one little one who disappeared on me after a few months, I started talking to Xelxier in a just-as-friends kind of way. But we ended up really clicking so I asked her if she would like to be adopted and have me be her Daddy. She said yes and she's been my little princess ever since I do have another LG, GreenieBell, who's tentatively adopted as Xelxier's little sister, but I'm more of a babysitter to her than anything else. Only Xelxier truly gets to call me her "Daddy."

    And no, I don't get to see her often Sadly. We talk pretty frequently, you know text, talk, chat and the like, but the distance makes it hard. It's a 10 hr drive to where she lives, but I'm going up there this July for a music festival and I'll get to see her then

    Also, so glad your Daddy picked it up and gave you the little time you needed I'm sure the two of you will work out and be very happy together!
  7. Littleabgirl's Avatar
    I'm glad you'll get to see your little girl soon! Do you have any plans? What sort of things do you do when you're role-playing. Daddy has suggested that I have a baby day/night on the weekend but I don't think I deserve it, but if we have one what sort of things do you suggest we do? We're never done a full baby day before, it's exciting but scary!

    I'm seeing the new place on Friday, very excited! I can't want to be with him forever! Even just bored watching T.V. with him is better than a holiday to America without him

  8. ZorroTheTool's Avatar
    Hey there again! Sorry I've been neglecting to reply for so long Stuff is busy around here!

    As for going to see my little one, no we don't have any "real" plans yet. I'm truly not sure what we'll get up to while we're together, but like you said ^^ just being together at all is going to be amazing. We do role-play online whenever the mood is right and time allows (which is not all that frequently) and most of it is just the little things. The simple stuff. Just taking her as she is and treating her as such: getting her diapered up, feeding her bottles and just cuddling and letting her know how precious she is to me.

    Lol, you've never done a full baby day before? I feel lucky to have received a hug from my little princess. XD Our age and distance are not very conducive to having much of a RL relationship. We both have hopes and dreams of it happening someday, but for at least the next couple years, our time together will be very sparse and unlikely to be AB-related at all. Even after 9 months together as a Daddy/LG couple, the mutual trust we would need is just not there yet. Trusting someone with details about your life over the internet is vastly different then meeting them and doing stuff together. I mean a diaper change is about the most vulnerable you can be physically, emotionally and sexually in this case. No, I'm quite sure we will not be doing any AB-related activities but I will love and cherish her just the same as we start to build that deep trust that will get us there eventually.

    Oh and also, if your Daddy has openly offered you a baby day. Take him up on it! Men in general don't usually offer to do much of anything unless we think you'll refuse (which means we don't have to do it) or we genuinely are willing. So have that baby day! Enjoy your little side to it's fullest! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.