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A couple of notable diapered nights....

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I've been diapering only on weekends for about the past month...I've found that I enjoy it more if I can stay in the diaper a bit in the morning. I've not used the Assurance diapers for several weeks now, although I still have some. I've mostly been using my Abenas, and only diapering on weekends has kept the supply going good.

A couple of weeks ago I actually maxed out an Abena again. I diapered on Sunday night, and usually on Monday morning I stay in my Abena as long as I can. In this case I went a little too long. After wetting all night I took my laptop in bed early in the morning and just kept wetting a little at a time. After a couple of hours I started to get up, only to discover that I had maxed it, and was leaking a great deal. The plastic pants could not hold the leaks, and I wet the bed...badly. Fortunately my wife took it in stride and washed the bedding, and things were fine.

Last Monday morning I had a huge poopy mess, which the Abena contained with no problem. Unfortunately the kids were out of school so I could not stay in the mess...I had to change almost immediately. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to stay in the mess should I make one.

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