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My first blog entry!

Just wanted to share something that has been bugging me, especially these recent past few months, but crystallised today.

I live in a city where the population keeps on ballooning. I am young but even I can say that the crowd is just getting bigger. So why do I bring this bugbear up?

It is because it is intefering with my primary diaper disposal way. I've two ways of throwing away my used diapers, and the main way I do it is I wrap my used diapers in a plastic bag, keep it in my backpack and walk out of my home. I live in a housing board flat, as do 80% of my fellow countrymen, and then I toss the bag into a dustbin located at the foot of my block. I then continue on my way to the train station.

There are many flats with many dustbins along the way. In fact, there is one dustbin every hundred meters of so, thanks to the 'clean and green' policies. My route through the blocks of flats ensure that I see about 10 dustbins, so if there are people at one block, I would just walk over to the next to throw away my trash, hopefully without people noticing. Sometimes I have to walk 2-3 blocks away to throw away my trash discreetly. I would not want people to notice me throwing things, lest they suspect me of being up to no good. In hindsight, given my society's perceptions, I am up to no good...

Today was the first time I encountered people at ALL ~10 LOCATIONS. And it was merely afternoon at around 3pm! I never had this problem in the 2 years that I switch to this disposal method and today, it happened! Of the five stages of the diapering process (Buying, Storage, Usage, Clean-up, Disposal), disposal is most certainly the most difficult one for me.

I just had to let it off my chest.

-that's all for now I guess.

PS: Those living in my city would probably see I am using milder-than-usual tones to describe the local stiuation

PPS: I mostly throw away pee-filled diapers this way, messy ones the second way.


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    Safe disposal can be a problem sometimes. I've used the public trash approach a few times (mostly when travelling) and although I tried to be discreet, I wondered if anyone saw me and was curious about the larger than usual lump I was tossing. Keep at it, they can't stake out all the bins all the time! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.