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So I've tried working on being more impulsive....

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And it worked. But let me explain how this has happened, and my possibly-flawed interpretation of what is going on with me.

I recently found out how the id and superego work (funny thing is that I had a psych class last semester too), and so I've determined that my superego is way too strong for my liking. I've always thought before I acted, and so I would never get my opinion out to my friends, family, whatever, mainly because of fear of negative judgment. I've tried "overriding" the superego and listening to my id, and so far there's a clear difference. I'm more assertive, and I get my opinion out more often, however controversial it may be. Of course, I balance it; nothing is worse than autonomously acting on impulse all the time.

However, this lack of controlling myself as much has landed me in a diaper that I soiled in both ways, big time. This wouldn't be a big deal on normal days, but my half sister is in town! And even better, she's staying in the room directly across from mine. Of course I need to shower later, but the bathroom uses the same wall as her room.

So now I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to do my usual clean-up routine without giving myself away to my sister. Sure would be awkward tomorrow if she saw or heard anything! I hope I can figure this out, although I'm confident that I can...maybe.

And that concludes this blog.


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