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New Camera...

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Let the era of photography Lobie begin.

Long story short, I've always been wanting a camera so badly. Just a cheap one until I decide whether or not I really enjoy photography or not. Of course, once I decide in the end, I will begin saving up for a *really* nice camera, and I guess I will see what happens.

Right now I have really been enjoying it! I can't wait till I go for another walk so I can take more photos, I tried to take photos around my town, and I got, maybe one good photo.

I realized one big problem, my town is so boring, and has the most boring buildings that it isn't even reasonable to take photos of any of it haha!

A few days ago though I got some good photos in the woods where I live, and I hope I go out again tomorrow morning.

Here are the 2 photos I got (that I really, really like)


and, furthermore, for those who are wondering the camera I bought was a Panasonic DMC-FH25


  1. Varys's Avatar
    Wow o.o You have a talent for photography if you're just starting out now. If you plan on upgrading (and can afford the prices), I'd say go for Canon, or my personal favorite, Nikon.

    Luck to you.
  2. ShortGuy's Avatar
    Spiderwebs are hard to get good.
  3. Cottontail's Avatar
    Very cool, Lobie! I especially like the color in the pine cone shot. I've always been more of a video guy, but have lately been toying with the idea of getting into photography as well. Unfortunately, I can't stand shopping for cameras! There are just too damn many choices, and all of them lack at least one thing I really want. That's what the marketing departments do, I guess...
  4. ade's Avatar
    i've always been impressed with the quality of Lumix.
    if you're thinking of out-and-about photography (and general flexibility), a 'bridge' camera covers most of the bases. quick guide: Buyer's Guide: The Best Bridge Cameras
    i have the Fuji HS20, on that page; i mainly plumped for that (and it's predessor) for the maunal (twist barrel) zoom: more responsive than electronic and saves battery power.
    currently, though, it's been technologically trumped by the Canon SX40.

    be sure to ask around and have a try of cameras (if you can) before making the next step, as photography can be a money-pit with true satisfaction ever just a few more $$$ away.
  5. tdlrfootedpjs's Avatar
    On the pinecone, I think you did a really good job with your control of the depth of field. Try now centering your subjects as much to make the photo have more dimension. Try and read up a bit about the rule of thirds when it comes to dimension. Remember its your job as the photographer to add the dimension that makes it more of a 3d image. where it be depth or lack there of.

    On the spiderweb, again really good job with the focusing and choosing a Depth shallow enough to emphasize the web itself. Just an idea you may want to try, try lighting the image just a hair. I know you tried to keep it darker to emphasize the spiderweb but I think its loosing a bit due to the darkness of your background.

    Overall both are show lots of promise in an area of photography called "Macro" which is close up photography basically. If you ever want someone to chat with about photography, or just have questions feel free to pm me anytime.

    Hope you enjoy the photography and your new camera.
  6. Tezzeh's Avatar
    Nice pics man! I really love the pine cone one. Permission for use as a new background? :P

    Keep up the good work.

    Now you just need to learn how to shoot photos while in full suit and you can get some epic con pics :P
  7. CrypticTaco's Avatar
    Those are some nice photos. I recently bought a Canon T3 for temporary use, and my gosh have I had so much fun with it so far with the f1.8 50mm lens that I bought with it.

    Be sure to take the careful time of doing ALL the research--Disregard what people say about getting something very specific about a Nikon or Canon. They're great cameras, yeah, but there's something wrong when a significantly cheaper Pentaxs' K-5 has about, if not better performance than a Canon 7D!

    If you're not into those, (I particularly am, mainly for low light, long exposure) there are several Micro 4/3rd cameras that are also pretty good. They're essentially point and shoots on steriods in ways. Interchangeable lenses with new releases popping up quickly--the possibilities are endless. Among the features are larger sensors, and if you're really into it, the ability to pretty much buy whatever lens you want (Canon, Nikon, even Leica mount adapters exist for the new 4/3rd cameras, especially for Sony's NEX series.). The silent operation and smaller size are huge plusses.

    The point and shoots, are still pretty nice too, if you just want something that does a little extra than just works. Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony are usually the ones at the top, though.

    Before I steal your blog, there's plenty of competition, so the features are more or less going to be insignificant in some ways, major in a few others. Be sure that you stop by a dedicated photo store and try out the cameras for yourself--it's still an expensive investment.

    You make me want to post the pictures that I've taken the past week. :<
  8. Lobie's Avatar
    Oh my, that's a lot of replies :P

    Earendur: Thanks! I'm definitely hoping that next year I can afford an upgrade to a DSLR hopefully Nikon, My dad used to own one before they became digital I remember him saying how great they were =)

    Shortguy: Thanks It took me a little while

    Cottontail: I know what you mean, I had a list of 30 cameras from $100 ~ $400, finally narrowed my list to only digital under $200 due to costs. Took me even longer to finally decide on the Panasonic, with a few hours of reading reviews and comments.

    Peachy: Naturally, everything around me turns gray and indifferent... The pinecone was a lucky survivor.

    I love close up shots as well, they are by far my favourite kind of shots ^_^ and I just can't wait for an even better camera :P

    ade: Yeah, before I upgrade I will be checking cameras at many stores locally, and in the big cities near by. As well as reading many reviews online to make sure I get the right camera for what I want to do. I know a local photographer as well, and I'm sure he can point me in the right direction.

    tdlrfootedpjs: Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, none of the "depth of field" was by my skill =) Damned auto-focus. I've played around with my camera, and while it has a handful of ways to do the auto-focusing, there is no way to control the focus yourself. Luckily! I've taken Computer Graphics in university and I learned all about cameras, depth of field, and more. It's what actually got me interested this summer.

    Next camera I get though I'll be able to control focus to make even more interesting shots :3

    I washed out the colours in the spiderweb using photoshop, as well as brightened the pinecone.

    teslacoil: Sure! I'm glad you like it ^^

    I will have all kinds of pic's from teh con's Including ones of me in suit being crazy and evil. *Insert evil laughter here*

    CrypticTaco: Thanks! I'll be sure to read through all those cameras in the future! I hope to get a really nice camera very soon, but for a still-reasonable price. :P

    You should post the pictures! :3


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