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Big kid playgroup in South of England

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As part of my rich and varied life I occasionally teach at an adult school. This is a place where 30-70 year olds turn up, dress up as 11 year old school children, have lessons and generally misbehave. The person that runs it is a professional dominatrix and, yes, most of the people go there because they like being spanked. I'm told I'm frighteningly good at spanking people (too young to be a student so I have to be the teacher 'Dr Strange' - the students call me 'Odd Job', but [B]WELL[/B] out of ear-shot). There is a private venue in the South of England that is usually available for hire at weekends for not so much money (it's a pre-school group building, so childish stuff is already on the walls) and I wondered if people might be interested in running a playgroup there.

I don't think the dom would be in to changing people's nappies, but guardians would naturally be welcome and there is a private room where one could change. She'd probably up for giving gentle spanking to little boys and girls who don't play nice, though!:o I'll have a chat with her and see if she thinks she might be up for organising such a thing, or helping me organise it.

I had the idea there could be group activities like singing nursery songs and doing simple dances. We could have stories read to us all. It would be easy to bring toys like Lego along to play with in groups and I don't think it'd be too difficult to get inflatable mattresses for nap time.

I'm always up for making new friends and it'd be nice to get a group of people together outside the nasty sex clubs of London.

What do people think? Anyone actually think they'd turn up to such a thing or have any other ideas about what to do at playgroup? Leave a comment!


  1. BabyArtie's Avatar
    You've got me intrigued...


  2. diverj's Avatar
    only just come acrros this sounds great any up date? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.