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with new seasons come new wetting patterns... i guess

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Over the last few months I have been voiding in such large volumes that I had put my abena M3s in storage as they barely took one wetting and would need to be changed before accepting a second voiding. . . So I switched to Abena m4s and then tried Bellisimos. I ordered a lot of bellisimos....

See, beforehand Abena m4s and dry24/7 were my nighttime diapers. I would wear a stuffer'd m3 to work, change once and then be fine. But I was finding that even my M4s could only take potentially 2 wettings. Therefore I switched to Bellisimo's during the day. I needed to be able to trust my diaper for more than a 2.5 hour stint.

I found the bellisimo able to hold a little more than the M4, but i don't think it worth it, especially since I do not care for the baby prints. So I have stocked up on M4 (6 cases thanks to ABuniverse's 25% off sale last week).

But now I wonder if maybe I was wrong in my taping method. Upon reading BambinoD's guide I might have a new appreciation for the methods. I have worn for years and years but perhaps I have been wrong. Either way, with the spring weather my wetting habits seem to have returned to a average amount per void and this makes my life easier all around. Still, it will be nice to test my diapers again and see what new habits develop.

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