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Taping Mediums part 3C - tape 3 going down!

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1. the elastic goes up this far.

2. pull UP on the diaper's front, stretching the front elastic.

3. here's probably where that tape is going to reach to.

4. Pull forward and DOWN with the tape, stretching the rear elastic. Keep the rear elastic under the butt cheek.

5. pull them together. Pull these together as much as you are comfortable with. The tighter the better.

6. down it goes.

after taping, slip a finger under the tape, it shouldn't be loose. it should be say, snug enough to hold a AA battery from slipping out and falling.

7. repeat the process for the other side. pull panels together.

8. I bet there's my target.

9. pull, pull, peel, and paste

looks like the other side

notice the tape is very close to the elastic.

10. check the cuffs.

11. check under both tapes. should be good enough to hold a AA

12. check the back too, where you had been leaking before. It won't be as snug as under the tapes, but shouldn't be gapping at all.

other side's good too!

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