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Taping Mediums part 3B - on to tape 2!

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ok time for tape 2.

1. pull the front over and grab the back.

2. same as before, pull the front back and the back forward and lift the tape. Place it in the same way you did the last one.

3. hey this is looking good! Sort of a superman except without the red tights?

ok maybe not.

4. closeup on the first tape

5. and another pic of the 2nd tape

6. ok here's where the leakproofing really gets started. pull down both the back and the front on a side.

make sure to get the back cuff under your butt cheek. Tug down the cuffs and let the elastic get to work.

7. pull the bottom of the front and rear panels together.

8. look familiar? there's the elastic we were looking at earlier. The goal is in sight.

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