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Taping Mediums part 3A - get it on!

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I think I better have undies on for these I am going to show you the "wall" method of diapering. Some people have only learned to diaper up on a bed or a hard surface, and that's severely limiting, you can't easily diaper up away from home. So this is good to learn anyway. You are going to need a wall you can back into, to give you a "third hand" to hold the diaper while you tape it. I've heard doorways can work too but I think I'll stick with walls. This means you can change in a small bathroom for example. Laying on the floor in a small bathroom is tricky, and is a really bad idea in a public restroom.

1. get out your padding!

Stretch it out and unfold.

2. work with the back end.

3. place the diaper between you and the wall, tape (back) end up. Lean against the wall to hold the diaper in place. Position isn't too important right now, just keep it put.

4. "look ma, no hands!" On second though, no mom, don't look.

5. lift up the front of the diaper. You don't necessarily want to snug the diaper into your crotch. It depends on if the diaper is going to be the right size or is a bit too big. You will need to attach the tapes UNDER your belly/gut.

6. lift the front of the diaper up to get the top of the padding just under your gut. Then adjust the back to the same height.

view from the front:

7. let the taping begin! Look carefully at the diaper and spot the manufacturing folds. Remember how far away from the folds the ends of the tape need to be.

peel the tape up and pull back on the front, forward on the back, and place the tape.

Place the first tape the right distance from the fold, at the same height as the end of the padding.

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