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Taping Mediums part 2 - finding the lower tape spot

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lay out the diaper and look at the elastic in the crotch. Check for where it ends at the front of the diaper.

the best place to tape will be right around the end of the elastic. The elastic is marked in red, the best taping area is circled in blue.

The idea here is that the lower tape's job is to pull up the diaper's leak guards and cuffs into the crotch and hold them there, by pulling up on the elastic. If you are attaching the lower tapes INWARD toward each other, you're providing almost NO pull on the elastic, and you WILL LEAK. This is probably why you are reading this.

Diapers that fit large on you will have the elastic coming up a lot farther than the diapers that are your size, and they often have padding on BOTH sides of the elastic. On the M4 above, there is only padding between the elastic and the center of the diaper, not any between the elastic and the leg cuffs. On the L4, the elastic goes up over an inch more and gets into the padding, so there's a lot more room to attach on the other side of the elastic. I don't recommend placing a tape less than an inch from the leg cuff, or you're likely to get a tape digging into your thigh and that's uncomfortable! But on oversize/larger diapers, there's more room to work with so you can put the tape down on either side of the elastic.

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