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Taping Mediums part 1 - measuring for the top

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Here's my how-to on how to get yourself a leak-proof fit on a 4-tape disposable diaper that is at or near your minimum diaper size.

1. get out a tape measure and measure your waist size. If you've go a little of an "overhang" in the front, measure UNDER that. My waist size is 38, which is about my pant size.

2. pull out the diaper and measure the width from tape to tape. stretch it out if it has elastic in the back.

that looks like 23.5 inches for this M4.

3. measure the tapes.

these are about 2 inches each.

4. do the math. 38 - 23.5 - 2 - 2 (subtract two tapes) = 10.5 Now drop another inch off that and you get 9.5 inches. This is the distance between the tapes in the front. If you already know the right spacing for the top tapes you can skip steps 1-4. But this can save you from wasting a few diapers trying to get the tapes right if they can't be moved.

5. flip it around to the front. You are looking for the factory folds.

here they are.

they make really good landmarks on diapers. abenas have the consistent stripes on them which you might be able to use, but the folds work on any diaper.

6. set down the tape measure and figure where the ends of the tapes will need to be.

I'm going to do these a little snug so I'm spacing them about 9 inches apart.

those look to be about an inch in from where the padding starts to move in. So I'll remember that for when I tape up. This will get me a good top tape fit every time.

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