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Got the Bellissimos!

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They finally came today!!

What was somewhat strange (and kinda lucky for me, actually) was that my mom came home at the exact same time as the delivery guy left the box on our porch. So she brought the box in for me.

I also got a couple pacis (which I've been using nonstop!) and some wipes from Target yesterday and found some baby powder in the house. Everything fits in my suitcase perfectly.

So hopefully I'll have a couple hours with the house to myself this weekend. I can't wait to try my new diapers!

One more thing before I probably stop blogging for a while:
I have no doubts that if it hadn't been for the community and support I've found here I'd still feel like a freak, I wouldn't have been able to open up to my mom about anything, and I'd still be sneaking around at night with toilet paper in my pants.

Thanks, ADISC! ^^

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