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I suppose it's more than a bit ironic that, only a couple of days after explaining that I'd never (in 13 years) told my wife that I like to wear diapers, she should find out. And it was due to no small bit of foolishness on my part. I received some new cloth diapers a few days ago, started prepping them, and then placed them in a garbage bag and stuffed them into a nearly-unreachable cabinet in a far corner of the garage. The cabinet had been packed with all manner of electrical equipment and other odds and ends on the day we moved into the house years ago, and had never been disturbed. I decided it would be a fair place to keep the diapers until my next opportunity to wash them. Wrong. I arrived home tonight, immediately went to use the bathroom (which is also the laundry room, and is right next to the garage), and what should I find sitting just inside the door? My bag of diapers, no longer neatly folded and having obviously been examined. Unable to imagine what would have led to their discovery, I stormed into the garage to discover that it had been thoroughly cleaned and organized, after literally years of our foot-dragging. With this kind of (bad) luck, I should have bought a Mega Millions ticket the other day!

How did she take it? I have no idea, because she isn't here tonight. She took the kids and a friend to Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water-park) today, and will be there until Friday. I'm supposed to join them tomorrow. The only semi-positive sign is that she called me from the road earlier in the day, and the conversation seems totally happy and normal, then and in retrospect.

So, here I sit, alone, knowing that she knows, and being unable to explain myself. Tomorrow will be an interesting and life-altering day, methinks. I wonder if I will sleep tonight...


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Just had another phone conversation with her. Lots of I-love-yous were exchanged, and she gave me a cheery account of the day's activities. It would have been unkind of me not to thank her for her hard work cleaning up the garage, which she must have assumed I would discover. So I did. Diapers were not mentioned, though she's in a hotel room full of kids and isn't exactly in a great position to broach the subject. Tomorrow it will be.
  2. Snaps's Avatar
    Hope it all goes well Cottontail!
  3. fifigal's Avatar
    Best of luck, Cottontail.
  4. Maxx's Avatar
    Its always possible that she's had a clue for some time, but didn't know how to approach you about it.
  5. Near's Avatar
    Best of luck. Being discovered by a parent was pretty hard for me, but it ended up working out in the end. You're probably in for a difficult heart to heat art, but with any luck things will be better once that's done. I wish you the best
  6. Laz's Avatar
    I hope everything goes well for you Cottontail. Your a nice person and you shouldn't have to stress like you are.
  7. Cottontail's Avatar
    Thanks, everybody, for the kind words of support. Things went ok, I suppose, but everything is still fairly unresolved. New blog entry here. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.