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Enjoying Bambino diapers!

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I got a case of Bambino Classico diapers and I must say that I've come to really love them. Aesthetically, they are extremely pleasing. The diaper fits well, doesn't leak, doesn't sag when dirty, doesn't start to give off that stale urine smell after a long night or day without changing, and the tapes work well.

When I first got them, I was a little disappointed because they were the exact diaper that was being sold as the "big baby" halloween prop diaper in the party stores around where I live, except with the very famous print on top. I bought a few of those prop diapers last halloween and had a bad experience with them.. so I was a little bummed.

Usually adult diapers smell good, but these didn't.. they had this strange plastic smell that reminded me of those prop diapers. Also, they didn't fit me well. The bad fit led to an accident.. lets just say that a loose leg hole let a dirty diaper turn into pooped pants.. and socks..

But I got over the unpleasing smell quickly and realized that unlike other diapers that I use, Bambinos need to be taped up a little tighter. After that I realized that, they worked a lot better and I was able to start enjoying them.

All it took was another day and I fell in love with them. The fit, which is small on me (the medium is a little tight on a 32" waist), started to feel nice as a kind of low rise diaper. The tapes haven't failed, no leaks, they look great on, they feel great, and since that first accident the dirty diapers have been without problems. Most of all, they made me feel like I was little and in a baby diaper!

I highly recommend these diapers for all occasions and situations. Go get them!

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