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Forced into Diapers

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My husband has finally forced me into diapers. I have no choice but to wear them. I will still put one on around two before he gets home so he will never know. He has spanked me several times already and that punishment didn't work so he had sex with me as a punishment. He said if that didn't work he would take away my computer instead of Titanic. I don't think I can live (not literally) without my computer. I would be bored and miserable without it and my son's toys are so boring and so is his computer. But he doesn't care and he wants me to wear diapers as long as we have them. But the other diapers suck and I am almost out of Tenas. I need new plastic pants too because the other ones suck because they are old and feel uncomfortable. He told me he will even hire a baby sitter or have his mother come out and make sure I have a diaper on if I don't wear them while he is away and he said he would even come home early to make sure I have one on or there will be a punishment. He is willing to humiliate me like that and wipe out our account for a AB babysitter. He said he even come to work to diaper me if he has to. I think he is joking though but he dared me to test him.

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