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Dumb ideas and now lost in!

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*Sighs*I have never been backlashed so badly befor....My ideas on things nearly got me in troble with a mod and my life has been allways been about helping people with problms with life and me wanting to help them out so much because everyone[no offense] has problms,we all are imperfit animal beings....

Now,after the harsh backlask asking a ABDL diaper company[Bambino] if some day they may start it where you can make it to where you can have your own prints on the diaper

....I had enough of the backlash and bullying because I have ideas even tho they may have some flaws in them.

I thought it over and over and my answer to this is that I will no stop coming up with ideas no matter the earge that people may need my ideas for help may be.

But now,im lost...not just lost in life....REALLY lost in life...

I graduated from high school 3 month early a few weeks ago and plan on going to collage this fall because I wanted to help The Pokemon Company[my life long dream I been working for] on video game projects and assist them on product ideas...Since my idea are THAT bad,then even 6 years of collage wont help me get that dream job.

Now I need your help to restructure my life,my life is in ruins because of this and ask what I should work towards for instead,Ill tell you my skills and weakness

pro's about me
-very nice person and respectful and dont like fighting/arugements very much

-very choosey on friends but becoming friends with me means life long relationship,I take REALLY good care for my friends.

-Fun to be around sometimes[people for a odd reason love to be around me sometimes and kids and toddlers have fun with me]

Strongest strength
-Advance skills in computers [makes old computers run as fast as new computers,deleates viruses by hand,can sets up internet access,knows what video game is right for you]

-Is able to come up with ideas[mostly video game ideas like features and storys that would be in it,also able to write long storys skillfully 100,000-250,000 words]

-Some skill in video game science[understands the concept behind it,music,planing]

Now my con's

-Gets nervous around lots of people

-Freezes up in interviews[the reason why I never had a real job yet]

-Horrable art/math skills[I can only draw stick figures,art skill somewhat better on computer,unable to figure out how to do geometry.

-Some of my ideas may be bad

-Somewhat rebellious and want change for everyone. only- has secrets and disires that is taboo and only two people[and you guys to]know about

Well there you have it,my skills...Any advise for collage in what I should study?


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    Lots of sad things in this post. Poor you. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.