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Being Disabled as well as being an adult baby

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Also I wanted to say something, but not about Stanley. Some of you on here were going on and on about how disabled people should be managed more with the money so that they "Can't enjoy life" Not even a little and only have food, shelter, and cheap clothes (I don't mind cheap). How mean!

I am disabled and have been for many years, trying to get SSI but I have not been able to, long story. I have been disabled with Degenerative Disk Disease and Bulging disks in my back plus I cannot sweat ( no joke, my sweat glands do not work EVER) I also suffer from depression because I am unable to sit or stand for long so it prevents working. I hurt all the time in my body everywhere. So basically in all of my suffering and pain that people who can't work, should just kill themselves and save money and resources that other people could use!!? That is exactly what makes our lives even harder and makes us more depressed! It's bad enough never having any money and having to depend on someone else and then at the end of the day you go to bed crying because life is VERY hard, but then you have people who will say these HORRIBLE things about others who are disabled and that just makes it harder!

I have had a really hard time in my life and yes it's true no one cares if you really are disabled, what do they care? We are just burdens to society anyways Right? So we should just die and do EVERYBODY a favor Right?

So you think we who are disabled, should not be allowed to even have the tiniest bit of fun!!!?
So then what is the point in living if you are not even allowed to have a little bit of fun? Right? I mean that is what most people do say after all. S

That is a Very mean thing to say! You can try to tell yourself all you want that you did no wrong in saying that but it's still wrong no matter what.

Video that explains Degenerative Disk Disease:
Lumbar Spine Degenerative Disc Disease | Herniated Discs | Isolated Disc Resorption | Spine Expert - YouTube
This is what I have, I have both Degenerative disk disease and herniated disks up and down my back and neck and it is VERY VERY Painful!!!

Link about Anhidrosis, The inability to sweat:
anhidrosis - Bing Health

I have had Anhidrosis All my life and my back was damaged in a car accident. Of course me and my mama got nothing for the accident and she got away scott free! So as you can see with both of these factors I have a lot of nerve damage that causes a lot of pain and the only way I can get help now is food stamps and I am currently trying to get SSI but when you have no money it's hard to even get medical help. I have been to some clinics and those doctors are quacks! They don't listen and don't care! So here is a question to all of you who believe that disabled people should not try to keep their heads up, what should we do then? huh? Tell me please!

I will tell you what I will do whether anyone likes it or not!! I will continue living and trying to get by to the next day and along the way I will try to have some little bit of fun (even fun is painful) so that I have reasons to live to the next day, even if it means suffering along the way. What other choice do I have?

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