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Going to be a full time diapered sissy baby!

Day 2

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Boy was yesterday fun!

The diapers I messed at the airpost after dropping my wife off were worn for almost 3 hours. I kpt them on because I had decide that didrty diapers would only be changed after being worn st lsdt one hour and they had to be significantly wet. I ended up drink several baby bottles of formula and one of water to finally make enough. When I did change, not only were my thick cloth diapers messy, they were soaking wet!! You should see my plastic panties after wasking. Most of my plastic baby panties have some poo stain but this pair really has them!! I love Comco plastic panties. The fit good, look great, are relatively inexpensive and last a long time. Most important they do not leak. I really dropped a huge load, did a lot of things with them full and they held everything in. I was thinking, another good thing about my wife being blind (if there really is anything) is she doe not have to know I fill my diapers as like I say, nearly all of my plastics have obvious poo staining!

After cleaning up and rediapering, I put on a bra, several petticoat slips and a cute sisssy dress with snowmen in it. (about time to stop wearing it for the year).I cloped my new silicon pacifi to it tool Of course I put on a pink print onesie and plastic lined ruffle butted rumbas. then a pair of lace to anklets and mary jane shoes.

I wore this outfit all day. I love changing while wearing a fluffy dress and petticoats. It is so much fun having all of that fluffy surrounding my head!! I can only imagine what could happen if some nasty boy was changing me and I could not see him. I suspect he would pull his diapers down and have his way with me. I would not be able to do anything about it!!

Everything I ate had a Gerber lable on it. I actually really like baby food! Of course I wore a plastic baby bib so not to soil my cute dress!

During the day, I watched cartoons, played with my dollies and toys, drank bottles and took a nzp. All babies need their rest.

Come bed time, I laded out my night diapers and plastic panties, took a shower. While diapering myself, I took time to drink a bottle of warm formula. Once diapered I drank another one. Sure helps a baby go to sleep.

It turned out that once my covers were turned down, my new plastic mattress protector really crinkled! I snuggled up with my 2nd baby bottle of formula, my bear Minky and my dollies. I was asleep before I finished. When I woke this morning, I had my pacin in my little moufy!

So far today after getting up, I have folded diapers from the dryer, catching up emails and am about to have breakfast. It will be a bowl of Gerber oatmeal pablu, a jard og Gerber bannanas and mixed fruit and a baby bottle of warm formula. By then I am pretty sure I will have messed my diapers. At least right now, even if I'd been wearing them for an hour, they are not nearly wet enought to change. I am guessing I will need to watch cartoons and play with my dollies as I sit in these messy diapers until the rules for changing are met! Shucky darn!!

Once I change and clean up, I am going to put my new pink infant dress, matching plastic lined rumba panties and bonnet on!!


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