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I'm about to go to bed....I feel a big mess coming on....

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It's been quite a while since I made big poopy pants at night, but I feel the pressure and the urge to do so tonight. I should use an Assurance and my Leakmaster plastic pants tonight because I'm almost out of Abenas, and I tend to hoard them when I'm almost out. But the thought of making a big, otherwise uncontainable mess has me thinking that maybe I should go with the Abena. I have only two Abenas left, but should be getting more late this coming week. Trouble is I like staying in a wet/messy Abena in the morning, which I cannot do tomorrow, whereas Monday morning I could stay messy for at least half the morning. But I may not have the urge to mess tomorrow night/Monday morning. Tough call, but I'll probably stick with the Assurance tonight and hope to be able to make a huge mess in the Abena Sunday night.

I want to make a big I said, it's been a long time since I've had the chance. Abena or Assurance/plastic pants....big mess will probably happen tonight.
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