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Things I've got up to with my teddy bear

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I've posted this in the adult baby forum but someone suggested it would make a better blog post. Now I can make blog posts it can suddenly become one! These are some stories about some of the things that I've got up to with my teddy bear Butter. Here he is:


My daddy got him for me for Christmas in 2004 and I decided to call him Butter because he is golden of colour and soft to the touch. And also fat:biggrin: He is so lovely, happy and cuddly (and he was bought by daddy rather than me when I was a daddy-less student) that he instantly replaced my old bear and I sleep with him every night. I wake up if I drop him, so I'm clearly attached!

So attached that he comes with me everywhere, even if he usually doesn't come out of my bag. Sometimes he does, though.

I fly abroad reasonably regularly and I can assure you that being well-dressed and carrying a cuddly bear gets you quite a lot of propositions:biggrin: It's true you also get asked if you are a nervous flier, but just looking confused and saying "No, why do you ask?" tends sell Butter as a brilliant travelling companion.When I last flew to Australia four of the cabin crew gave me their numbers in case I wanted to meet up when I got there and I got a trip to the cockpit and took some pictures of Butter on the dashboard. Going through security is usually fun with Butter as if my bag gets opened I usually get told off by female security people for keeping him inside a bag. My reply, "Well, you would like him; he is a [I]security[/I] object after all!" *groan* But those people need all the laughs they can get, even if they are feeble!

Unfortunately, I've spent a bit of time in hospital in recent years but Butter has always been a hit with the nurses and definitely makes them warm to me. Last time I was in, and I was in a rather poor state alas, one nurse would give Butter and me together a goodnight hug before she turned the lights off :grouphug: She was off work the night before I left and asked me another nurse to take a picture of her, Butter and me so she could remember how nice it all was. When I have left my bed and come back to find it made Butter is usually tucked in with his head on the pillow.

One doctor did a funny thing when I went for some endoscopic surgery on my stomach. Butter was at the end of my trolley. The surgeon said, "If that teddy bear is going to be in here he needs to be properly attired. Put a mask on him, nurse!" The nurses all laughed and one tied a green surgical around Butter's face; I felt more relaxed:) He's often made me a lot more relaxed in all sorts of nasty hospital situations; the medical staff realise that and so don't mind him being around.

All my close friends know I have Butter and when I'm visiting he often comes out for general cuddling purposes. Several friends are of the age where they have young children and with the last few visits to some it has been a real fight insisting that he is [B]mine[/B] and not for [B]other[/B] children to purloin. Almost all my female friends, and female partners of my friends, ask to hold or cuddle Butter when he emerges, but not a single male friend (apart from other ABs) has been uninhibited enough to do so. The misery-guts!

At the end of last year Butter was looking a bit tried and saggy, he had been loved so much, so I thought I'd get him re-stuffed. The person I know who is most skilled at sewing is my (real-life) mother. I must admit I felt slightly odd asking my mother to repair my teddy bear at my age:o It amused her no end! I sent him to her by courier with a note written in large letters in green crayon reading, "Please be careful with Butter and don't hurt him, Davy". When I got him back two nights (spent sleeping really badly with emergency backup teddy bears) later there was a note in with him saying, "I'm glad to be back, Dad!" I'm [B]not[/B] Butter's dad! [B]He[/B] looks after [B]me[/B]!

And that's a bit about me and my bear, I hope it was fun:)

ps. He is [B]most definitely not smelly at all[/B] no matter what daddy says! He just has character.


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    This was an amazingly adorable post. Your teddy is very adorable
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