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Going to be a full time diapered sissy baby!

Countdown to the start of being a fulltime diapered sissy for 2 weeks!

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Time is getting close until my wife leaves for 2 weeks and I will be a fulltime 18 mo old sissy baby girl! I am practicing every chance I get. Of course I wear diapers and plastic baby panties 24/7 anyway.
Today, I am fighting a nasty cold. It is easy for me to play baby when my wife is home because she is totally blind. Today it is even easier, because she does not want to catch my cold so she is keeping her distance. No hugs and no kissing. I miss that but is gives me the opportunity to be dressed the way I am. At the moment, I am wearing 2 – 44”x44” Purity gauze diapers pinned into place with pink diapers pinks and sealed up in pink plastic panties. I also have a big girl bra on and over that is a snap sleeve and crotch onesie. Then I have on a very cute romper that also has snaps at the crotch for easier diapering. It has 2 teddy bears wearing footed sleepers on the chest. I have my new huge “pacifiersrus” pacifier attached with a pink pacifier holder.
This morning I was able to drink a baby bottle filled with juice and one with warm infant formula.
I found out this morning that my wife will be away all day tomorrow from 9:00am until about 5:30 pm! I will be able to really practice what I will be doing beginning this Sunday for 2 weeks. Only diapers for this little baby girl. That means I will not only be getting to wear wet diapers I will now doubt be filling my diapers also! Baby food for breakfast and lunch and of course I will be wearing sissy baby clothing, I will wear a pink plastic baby bib so I do not soil my cute little sissy dress!!
I can not wait!

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