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A bit about me and how I got started

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I'm a little boy who varies between two and four years old but even when I'm four I still wear nappies. I usually wear bright and childish clothing and, even though he rarely comes out of my bag, my large, cuddly teddy bear (Butter) comes everywhere with me. I have a partner who is my daddy, and he's simply delightful! I work as a freelance wine and food writer.I got started with the AB thing a very long time ago, when I was just a B in fact. My earliest memory is just after my third birthday finding some old nappies in a cupboard, pinning them on myself (with extremely limited skill) before struggling to button up my suddenly rather tight shorts. My grandparents were visiting at the time and when I waddled into the sitting room they looked quite amused. My mother was not terribly happy and ordered me not to be so childish. I didn't listen; I've been childish all my life.I didn't wear nappies very often until I went to university, where I suddenly felt liberated, wore nappies a lot of the time and would occasionally walk about in baby clothes. I got asked if I wanted a nappy change on a surprisingly large number of occasions; I should have taken some of the offers up but I was not quite that liberated:o. I stayed on to do a doctorate and would always wear nappies and, unless I was meeting someone serious, baby clothes were my usual attire in the lab.The baby clothes had to go when I got a proper job in London, but I now I'm a freelance writer there is little limit to what I can wear at home. As I have a bit of a reputation for eccentricity in the UK wine world, people are more pleased than surprised if I turn up to a tasting wearing red cords with ducks on and a tie with teddy bears. They've no idea what's under the trousers, of course:o. I get to go on the occasional trip abroad to taste wine and I can recommend carrying a teddy bear when sitting on aircraft - you get propositioned far more often than you get asked if you are a nervous flier:DI met my daddy (who is occasionally a little boy as well) online in 2000. We were talking about wine, I let something slip that he picked up on, and we just started talking about the whole AB thing from then on. He is Finnish and he soon came over to London to visit. A couple of months later he moved into the flat under mine, not spending much non-work time in there, and then not long after we moved in together. He's lovely, very kind, caring and affectionate. My parents split up when I was very young so I didn't really know what is was like to be loved by a daddy - now I do and it's great!:hug:


  1. Tygon's Avatar

    As I have a bit of a reputation for eccentricity in the UK wine world, people are more pleased than surprised if I turn up to a tasting wearing red cords with ducks on and a tie with teddy bears.
    This reminds me of the occasional professor who might be a bit odd in dress, behavior, or both, but are respected enough that people let the eccentricity slide (or even find it endearing).

    But when you say 'baby clothes in the lab'... what sort of clothes, exactly? I couldn't fathom doing such myself (OK, I typically wore diapers in the lab--no time for the potty when there is Science! to do--but was otherwise normally attired). I am curious 'how far' that went and how your peers reacted. It does take the usual laid back college attire to a new level.
  2. LittleDavy's Avatar
    I was a bit of a scary tutor at Oxford. Apparently, the students hated it that I would bring a bottle of wine to the last tutorial and ask them to make intelligent comments on it whilst we talked biology. I thought they'd love it but I was told it was far too intimidating.
    When I was in the lab I would wear shortalls or overalls that had appliques on them and nursery-printed t-shirts. My boss called me 'Baby Davy' when she wanted to summon me. Nappies, of course! I got good at changing standing up. Childish enough?
  3. LittleDavy's Avatar
    The other researchers were all incredibly dishevelled and scruffy, so they were strangely impressed I wore new, bright, jolly clothes. That were nursery printed
  4. Tygon's Avatar brought wine (and when you say bottle, I'm imagining glass with a cork rather than plastic with a nipple), gave it to students, and they were not in favor of this? Sounds brilliant to me, it can't be that hard to scrounge up something semi-intelligent to say in return for free wine XD

    Quite childish enough. I was wondering if it went as far as just onesies, rompers, sleepers, or the like; it seems like that would be really toeing the line. Overalls and shortalls, though, sure. Your boss sounds amusing . Maybe research/academia positions are more forgiving of odd manners of dress. I've gotta admit, when I was doing research, the dress code of pretty much everyone involved was very, very lax. Sloppy, possibly slept in or previously worn clothes and days-old scruff were the norm. I'm just interested that it sounds like they didn't treat you poorly over your manner of dress, as I'm sure would happen in different environments...
  5. Ninikins's Avatar
    This entry, along with your profile pic, is adorable Glad you have a caring Daddy! I do too
  6. LittleDavy's Avatar
    I did take the whole wine think a but seriously (I suppose I still do) so I can believe I might have been a bit exacting about what I expected from my students in terms of intelligent comments. Actually, I know I was awful in some respects - when someone in the blind tasting team I was training said an Australian Shuraz was a Beaujolais I laughed so much I fell off me chair and rolled around on the floor. Hardly supportive and encouraging... That chap got a higher score than me in my final year running the team so maybe it worked...
    Oh onesies certainly, but normal daytime wear for a toddler was the order of the day so usually nursery printed shortalls and overalls. Academia used to be very accepting of eccentricity, especially if you got money in and papers published. With all of my talks and papers being incredibly serious but having a sub-text of drinking fine burgundy I was very popular in the lecture circuit and got lots of papers out. I was allowed a bit more freedom than the scruffs who didn't publish as much. I couldn't have worn baby clothes when I was trying to sell tonnes of cheap wine to London gentleman's clubs, that much is sure.

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