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Random Observations

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Just a list of random observations that I've come to realize over the past couple of years. Don't hate to bad y'all, this is my first blog.

  1. When you say Myspace to a 14 year old, the say, "What the Hell is that?"
  2. When they say, "what the hell is that?" they spell it, wt ta hells b tht
  3. When did the world owe you ANYTHING?
  4. Everything is politicized. You can't say target without being looked down on.
  5. You can't say America is the best nation on the planet to the President, he'd disagree and bow to a foreign dignitary.
  6. That last statement will be called racist...
  7. Technology is moving almost too fast. If you buy a computer one minute from now, it's outdated tomorrow.
  8. Cars are extremely good looking again.
  9. Nobody wants to work. They say that they're looking for a job. There's a fast food job on every corner.
  10. They say their are no jobs left. See above statement. {For the record I work at Radio Shack, Little Caesars, and my old high school as a drum instructor.}
  11. Gas is too damn high!!!
  12. Anyone 10 years older than me is old.
  13. Television sucks now. I miss the old cartoons.
  14. You can't trust many people.
  15. We don't learn our History anymore. I can't recall a single History book of mine having more than a paragraph or two on George Washington.

Just a few random observations. Like 'em or leave 'em, they are my . Feel free to comment on any you see as wrong or if you want to chime in. Feedback is always appreciated.


  1. pajamakitten's Avatar
    Well number 5 is not true anyway so he'd be right to disagree
  2. BabyPandora's Avatar
    For #5, you can't say America is great at all. I hate this country.
  3. DrummerDude's Avatar
    We all have our opinions. Mine is that the United States is the best nation on the face of the Earth. I like our neighbor Canada and our other allies. Particularly Great Britain, France, and Israel.

    I understand your opinion Pajamakitten. My Grandmother on my dad's side was from England. She and my Grandfather met during WWII. I've always been fascinated with where I came from. Plus, I would like to visit the place from which the U.S. was born because of oppressive rule.

    Might I ask why you don't like the U.S. BabyPandora?
  4. BabyPandora's Avatar
    Because the US Constitution has launched us into a near-depression, and now they're doing nothing to get us out of it. They say they are, but I don't believe that for a second.

    Assuming that they are trying to do something, they're all too busy arguing with each other to make any progress. What we need is all one large political party -- you know, like the one our country was built on. Theoretically, that will eliminate some of the arguing, and maybe get our country going in a positive direction.

    I've lost all hope for our country, though. I'm absolutely ashamed to be a part of this backward-ass country. I've also stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance at school because I refuse to pledge allegiance to a country that's constantly screwing us over.

    I don't see how you think this is the best country on Earth, but then again, we all have our own opinions (like you said). I might not understand yours, but I respect it. Congratulations for having faith in this country, by the way I've lost mine a long time ago.

  5. DrummerDude's Avatar
    BabyPandora, George Washington urged us to not go to a party system. He knew what would happen. If the Constitution was used exactly as stated, there wouldn't be all this mess. Instead, the Constitution is interpreted by what is relevant today. Our freedoms are being taken away. Not all of it is by the Obama administration. Much of it was started by George Bush in the aftermath of 9/11. You said we need one political party. I completely disagree. That would turn us into WWII Germany.

    I'm confused by you saying that the Constitution launched us into a depression. Firstly, it was gonna happen anyway. History repeats. It is a cycle that never ends. Every 30-40 years (or so it seems) a recession/depression repeats itself. Secondly, if the banks hadn't issued $250,000 loans to people to build houses who only make $30,000/year we might have been able to stave off the recession.

    Gas going up threatens us once again. The recession is global and has been for a while. It is getting to the point where it is cheaper for some companies to come back to the US. Other companies from overseas are coming here. Look at my home state of Alabama for example. It has been said that we are the Detroit of foreign auto makers. Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Honda, and their respective parts suppliers.

    The economy won't get better if people don't get back to work. There is an entitlement attitude in the US. Why get a job if the government pays you not to. 99 weeks of unemployment and then it can get extended again. Government Healthcare. Ridiculously taxing people who worked their entire lives to get to where they are and build companies.

    They, your Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators, don't really focus on much except getting elected again. If we'd elect people with common sense, aka not spending money we don't have, and people who actually believe that America is the greatest, will be the greatest again if we work together, we might actually get somewhere. Taxes for example. Why tax the shit out of Millionaires/Billionaires? Those that worked to build a company and revolutionize the world, Bill Gates for example, shouldn't pay 80% while we pay 20% (I know those aren't the actual percentages but I'm proving a point here). As I stated above, I'm a Conservative but consider myself mildly moderate. Unlike most, I am in favor on an increase in taxes across the board for everyone. Not a lot, say 1%-2%. At the same time, instead of spending that money, we make cuts. Cuts to agencies that really are there just to spend money, cuts to programs no longer needed. Along with that, attract businesses here. Open up offshore drilling. Allow the Keystone XL pipeline project to commence. In other words....USE COMMON SENSE!!!

    That is your choice not to say the Pledge. I don't agree with you but, freedom of speech. We all have our own opinions. Mine are just really long LOL.

    I hope that you will once again find your faith in the US. Keep in mind. Every generation is the future. I can only hope we make it another 10 years.

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