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Slightly surprised

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So, after some self coxing and the usual 'eh' that comes along with buying, I finally told myself the hell with it and made the trip to a local medical supply store in town. Honestly, I am a little disappointed in their selection which was very very little. Tenas, slightly more variety then a box store and Prevail. I even had difficulty getting something in a small given mediums run too big on me. Was kind of surprising to be honest.

Mind you it wasent entirely bad as in the slight selection they did have, there was a pack of Tena Classic Plus' with plastic backing. They were in the older packaging; have been on the shelf for a while, but how can you complain about plastic backing? lol


  1. Ronbeast's Avatar
    Man, NL has a terrible diaper supply hahha. I've only seen maybe a handful of different brands... I'm lucky though, I actually like cloth backed diapers haha. I prefer a cloth backed TENA over a platic backed Depends anyday. I wish brands like Abena were readily available here.

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