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My first blog and crazy ideas..

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Im ready for my first blog...

Sorry this blog isnt how I became a DL['cause I KO'ed my laptop a few weeks ago]But instead while im talking to you on my Nintendo 3DS,ill talk about my ideas I may use later in the run for that life long dream job at The Pokemon Company International.....Sooooo...

My life been ok and boring ever since last monday that I graduated from high school three months early...Yeap...All because I can come up ideas for everything...

Im bored as you can tell...*sighs*Well,I do have a few questions and ideas I want to say for you....I got a list,kind of random stuff tho

#1[Idea and Question]My cat is starting to show her age,and I was thinking since she cant hold it in anymore I dont think[basicly I think she's becoming incontinent]She's goes at random when she's in the house and I hate it when my mom tell me to kick her out for going, So...I stayed up all night last night in pitch black thinking and had an idea...Since I like to wear diapers on occasions,I thought while wearing one on the rare occasions last night...Why not her? I could put my DL'ness to good use and I would not have to kick her out as often...What do you guys think about about this?Good,bad or weard?Oh...and I told my mom about the idea saying ¨I might of solved Gracys bathroom problem,Mom...I know it will sound crazy when I come back from town with ¨that¨ for Gracy¨Well,my mom was kind of asleep when I left to town to talk to you guys[on Wi-Fi]What you you think?

#2[Idea]I was kind of wondering about another idea few weeks ago, So I did some research...Want to know what I looked up...Part of my fandom of Pokemon and DL'ness = diapers with Pokemon[that right,Pokemon]prints...Well...Thatresearch didnt go so well actually...But the company actually did consider the idea at one time but never made it...I wonder why? So,since I might some day work at that company...What if for the sake of 10 and 11 year olds that are Pokemon fans and are bed wetters that I bring up the idea again...Pokemon on diapers,

Come on!Its only natural that it would happen,cute, adorable, animal like monsters on diapers...perfect...Now just fix the problem with the age association in Goodnites[BMX prints...really?Thats for 20 year olds not 10 year olds!]And tada! You'll have the best diaper product out there.

[Im really sorry if I keep on blabing on about my DL'ness,im just really bored right now and got nothing to do]

Sooooo...I was going to ask about other stuff but I think im starting to over do it right now...Sorry everyone...

I'll do a diaper review when I get my laptop going...But for now...bye and see you on on forums....

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