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Good weekend?.....Not quite

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Firstly I am in a bit of a bad mood seeing as I can't seem to shake off this cold I got a few days ago. Typically it has to be when I have my time off work.

I went to see someone regarding my bladder issues at night time. Basically when I turned 13 my dad clasped and almost died at the wheel and since then I have had these bedwetting issues. They went away about a year later but then when I hit rock bottom in my life a few years ago it all started up again. I have seen my doctor about it and he suggested a few things to help, like not drink anything past a certain time, etc. I have done this yet the issue still remains.

Well, the best this specialist could do was.

"Have you considered not drinking past a certain time, that should help. "

"Come back in a month and see how you've been"

It took an hour for her to come up with this brilliant response.

In other news, my nans on my back as she's got her 70th birthday party next Saturday and I've been automatically made taxi driver for everyone. She's been reminding me constantly not to forget, like 10 times every time i visit her.

"Make sure your not late....Make sure you don't drink and drive, make sure you drop everyone there and back again".

Seriously, I appreciate its her special day, but stop ramming all this down my throat. I think I'm intelligent enough to remember your birthday.

Everything my dad says to me recently always gets me worked up. He forgot to send my mum's mum her mothers day card as she's at work and can't send it in time during the day. Well, who gets the blame? That's right, me!!

He still can't accept that Im gay as he keeps asking me about this new girl I'm helping out at work, whether I fancy her and he'll just tell me I'm not gay if I say anything to him.

I was hoping this weekend was going to be good, so far it's been shit. The only good things right now are that my football team won 4-1, I have now added to my pokemon games collection, and I'm about to hit the hay with my plushies and bottle watching supernatural.


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    dang thats harsh, hope it gets better for you. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.