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Running in Diapers - Also Diaper Bags!

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Well the other day I decided I'd suck it up and go for a run in a diaper, which is something I've been meaning to cross off my wierd DL checklist of things to do for a while now and the experience was well, more fun in theory XD

I didn't really want to wear a proper full on taped diaper since this was my first time doing it and so I opted for some form of Molicare pull up (of which the name currently escapes me) for the journey. As I was stretching and getting ready to go I decided to wet before leaving, just since I wasn't sure I'd be able to once I started and it would add to the overall experience; or so I thought. Anyway after using I'd say about 2/3 of it's capacity (it's mean to be a pull-up for people who dribble while playing sport) I set off on my merry way. It wasn't too bad for like the first five minutes but then it went rather downhill . It was uncomfortable, hot, stuffy and I'm betting if I ran for long enough it would have chafed or something. It was however an experience for me, which is what I set out to have so I guess it was win/loss. Anyone thinking about doing it I'd say go for it but don't expect it to become your new diaper thing, ha ha that's my thoughts.

Also I wanted to briefly touch on the subject of diaper bags and my thoughts on them since pretty shortly I'll be using one everyday :P At the moment I'm a bit unsure about what sort of bag I should be looking for, I know it should be big enough to have things for a change and like two spare diapers but apart from the I'm stumped! Any help or advice that people give me would be appreciated on the subject and there's probably two primary things I'd like to know if you could help out:

1. What sort of bag should it be?
2. Does it have to be on the large side or do you think I could go for something compact?

Since this bag will become my new best friend I'm getting this sorted out for when my 2 weeks of 24/7 wearing come up and I'll be all prepared and ready for some serious diaper changes!



  1. CrypticTaco's Avatar
    Lemme guess, it started sagging? D:

    As far as the diaper bag goes: That's all dependent on personal preference, as of recent I've been using this bag ( Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger Shoulder Sling Tactical Messenger Gear Bag - MAXPEDITION HARD-USE GEAR Tactical Nylon Gear for Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical Concealed Carry; Tailored to Perform Tactical ) for everything, holding my laptop, tablet, a folder, and like two nappies in there. It's fine for a day bag, but the also have smaller versions of it. I use that one as my everyday bag, so that's why it's the bigger version.

    Again, it all depends on how long you'll be out. If you're going by just the day, a simple drawstring bag serves just as well. No dedicated pockets, but it works for me whenever I'm not carrying another one around. They go for like, $5 and can be found at most discount stores. I personally would want mine to be inconspicuous, though.
  2. Okamiyasha's Avatar
    Ha ha, you may be on to something there Cryptic

    Thanks for the advice on what to use as a diaper bag, that helped far more than you know :P

    I'll make sure to keep an eye out when I'm near any shops and I'll definately keep in mind what you recommended.

    Hugglez (I'm changing it up a bit)
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