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Perhaps I'm More of an AB than I thought...and I want to try cloth.

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I've been wearing diapers off and on at night for over a year now. I have considered myself more of a DL than an AB, but lately I've had feelings that are more toward the AB side. Even when I'm not wearing, I want my teddy bear. I like to be patted and rocked to sleep, I like nursing from my wife, I've found myself looking at paci's online, and have even tried sucking my thumb. When I do wear a diaper, I want all of those things even more. I love to have my padded rear patted as I fall asleep. I love the sound of my plastic pants crinckling as a roll over.

I've been thinking about trying cloth diapers as well, or maybe making one out of bath towels, just to see what it's like. I've been thinking about the cloth diapers ever since I got my Leakmaster plastic pants. My wife says I cannot use the towels we already have (which I understand) so I may buy some this weekend and try it out.

No matter what, I'm down to my last 4 Abenas...and I want to try something new. Guess I'll decide this weekend what to do.

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