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First Blog Entry - 24/7 UPDATE - General Meanderings

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So I think I've finally figured out this whole blog business! I hope... if this is posted in the wrong spot or doesn't work I'll be quite sad

Anyway I'm sure one of you out there might want an update on what's happening in regards to the whole 24/7 debarcle and while I'd like to say it's in full motion and I'm starting tommorow... that's not really true. The good news is however that my order is being finalized and shipped very shortly so in a week or so I'll be all padded up! I hope I used that phrase correctly, hm oh well. I'm going for Abenas for this adventure and I'm pretty excited to try them out since I haven't ever touched the things and apparently they're quite good and I'll also be using plastic pants to accent the experience of first times, with my order consisting of some awesome nursery prints. I've also taken the advice of several hombres and will be wearing the M2's during the day time and the M4's at night. Since I'll be going fully 24/7 aka full bladder and bowel in diapers, this will be quite the experience.

Also! Since I won't be beginning the 24/7 for a short while yet I think I'll post about any experience I have in diapers or with diapers (nappies is the correct term ) from here on out. This might include random occurences, things I've done, seen; whatever really. They will be written at any time and are more just going to be generalised things rather than focusing on the 24/7 aspect since I'll title that part of things differently. This will hopefully make things easier for everyone and so if you want to see just the 24/7 updates or just the other diaper occurences you can pick and choose easily.

Even if no one reads this or any of my other update/blogs I'll be happy because it's a way for me to write down my thoughts and experiences without the risk of ever forgetting them .
Tags: 24/7, diapers, fun, update

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