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Spring cleaning

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My dad has no other choice but to search through the white box in the basement.

If you have not read somewhere what happened earlier. Here-Back in November my family came home from a Thanksgiving feast at my older sister's house. Turns out, there was a small flood that filled the basement. Not enough to be completely hazardous, however it is large enough to mold all of our stuff that is NOT on the flood. Which of, course goes for clothes and other valuables.

A couple days ago, my dad decided to clean the basement. The floor was so bad, you could not scrap off the stuff that had been soaked by the small flood months ago. I know, I know. We should have done something, but things were complicated. My Goodnites stash was in this tall big white box covered by junk (mostly my fabric. I make clothes/cosplay stuff whenever I'm in the mood.) He started to clean out the box.

I went to check on him because he's known for just throwing things out without checking if they're family values or not. He was emptying the box. And he was two inches from finding my stash. He doesn't know I wear Goodnites, so he'll think nothing of it and just toss it out. With some negotiating I was able to have dad not touch it. And I filled it with random junk again.

Today-The box was part of the flood too. And he said it's stuck to the floor so he has no other choice, but to clean it out and move the box. I woke up early today and moved the stash in my old 1st grade pikachu bag and stuffed it under my bed. I'm a bit shaken because I'm an honest person and I don't want to get caught. Wish me luck.
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