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Luckiest baby in the world!!

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I ordered three packets of Abena M4s of ebay on Wednesday since my local supply of Lille Nappies ran dry at my LIDL store . Well, I had it all planned out. I would order them on the Wednesday and the earliest I was told to expect them was on Friday, when I have the day off work. Brilliant I thought.

Well, just before I left to go to work on Thursday, this package came for me with my abenas. My dad and sister were in the house at the time and I literally had just left the house when they arrived. I managed to sneak them upstairs without them finding out and then I made it off to work.

I couldn't even imagine what would happen if I had left a minute earlier. Although it's illegal for people to open your mail, I would have expected my dad to have a sneak peak or something like that.

Well, wore one to bed last night, 3 heavy wettings and no signs of any leaks. Brilliant purchase


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