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Workplace violence sucks

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Uhg. What a day!

Had my midyear performance evaluation at work. Went fine. Met up with a friend afterwards and drove to a nearby tech conference. Arrived back to find corporate security blocking the driveway to my building. Weird. So, we pulled into a parking lot across the street, got out, and walked slowly over to the scene. As we got closer to the building, we noticed that it wasn't just corporate security surrounding the place, it was SWAT. Wow. Outside one wing of the building, a man was sitting on the ground in cuffs with officers standing over him. People were crowded into the glass stairwells at the ends of the nearby buildings, watching the scene.

Security didn't seem to be paying much attention to us, so we walked right up to my building and went in. Inside, I casually remarked to the person nearest the door, "Just when you think this place is all dull and boring..." His response was, "Yeah... that's my manager out there." I was stunned! I asked him what had happened. Apparently, following some meeting, this guy's manager stormed out of the building, was gone for several hours, then returned drunk and waving a gun around. What the hell?! This is the last thing I ever expected to see happen in a building full of computer nerds! The Postal Service, sure. Not here. Not at a tech company. Not someplace I've worked peacefully for nearly 14 years!

That ain't cool.

Fortunately, to my knowledge, no shots were fired and nobody was hurt.

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