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Going to be a full time diapered sissy baby!

Another day closer

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It is such a beautiful day! Sun is shining but cold and crisp. I live it like this.

Today I left the house diapered, in cloth diapers as always of course. I had a couple of errands to run. My wife and her girl friend were going on their 4 mile walk so the time was good.

I went to WalMart and loaded a cart with jars of baby food, 3 boxes of baby cereal and 2 giant cans of infant formula. Just before I had everything picked out, I was able to deposit a big load in my diapers. Of course I was wearing plastic baby panties ofver my diapers and a onesie securing everything. After walking to the check out in a dirty diaper I paided for everything and it came to $76.41! But, I need something to eat while my wife is gone. I am sure I will need to buy more later. I already have quite a stash at home as I eat it everytime I get a chance to be alone during mealtime.

I walked out to my pickup. the poo was squishing all around in my diapers. I dropped a really big load and could feel it squishing up my back and over my balls and sissy stick. I love that feeling. Before I got home things were beginning to have that bubbling feel that I so love.

When I got home I unloaded my purchases and stashed them in my workshop. I made a baby bottle of warm formula and drank it as I ladey in my very wet and dirty diapers. Then I took off the messy diapers, plastic panties and took a shower. I think this is the best way to clean up, especially if the poo is loose and is a large amount like it was this time.

After pinning on freah diapers and sealing them with plastic panties, I made another baby bottle and drank it.

While drinking my bottle, I went online to and ordered 6 pair of white plastic baby panties and 3 pair of yellow one!

I should have 3, 8 oz brand new glass even flow baby bottles with caps, lids and silicone nipples in the majl. Tomorrow I should be getting I believe 6 more 8oz and 3 4 oz. It is going to be so fun being able to leave my bottles in the refridgerator and in the sink. I will have 2 shelves in the kitchen for my baby food and in 1 drawer I will keep my 4 plastic adult sized baby bibs.

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