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Going to be a full time diapered sissy baby!

Before she leaves

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Today I woke up wearing 4 prefolded clothe diapers sealed in pink Comco plastic baby panties and a pink nighty with Hello Kitty on the front! The diapers were very wet which is normal.

I changed my diapers and got dressed. About 9:30 my wife left for her knitting group and I went to the gun range. Before I came home I filled my diapers knowing no one would be home when I got there. The ladies were going out to lunch after knitting!

I got home. drank a baby bottle filled with warm formula. Then I put on a pink nursery print, plastic baby bib. I heated a jar of Gerber peas and 2 jars of Gerber chicken and noodles. I ate them with a baby spoon. For desert I ate a jar of Gerber pears and bannas, Then I had another bottle of warm formula. I just love that stuff!

I took a show and rediapered this time with 2 double layer gauze Purity 44"x44" diapers! Then I sealed them up in pink plastic baby panties with nursery print. Over this iI put on a stripped onesie with a bunny on the shcet. Then my adult clothes over it. Wife is still not home as I write this, so I am drinking a baby bottle of water.

It is going to be soooo fun to be a diaper baby 24/7 for 2 weeks. I will miss my wife but love this opportunity. I wish I knew some adult babies that I could play dollies and dress up with while she is gone. I do not and that will be ok.

Will write more as things progress.

PS. just got the shipping schedule for the items I ordered. 3 baby bottles are to arrive tomorrow, the rest of the baby bottles and the 5 onesies are to be here Friday and my cute pink sissy dress is scheduled for delivery the 16th. I can't wait to try it on!!

I just love being a diapered sissy baby!!:D

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