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Going to be a full time diapered sissy baby!

The beginning

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I have been a AB sissy almost all of my life. My wife knows about this and is tolerant. She also knows that I wear diapers and plastic panties 24/7. I have been doing this for over 30 years. For a long time it was just fun. In 2004 I had a major prostae surgury and it made me totally urinary incontinent and non functioning.

Recently I found out that my wife is going to be out of town for training for 2 weeks beginning April 1st to get a new Guide Dog.!

I have decided to be a fulltime diapered sissy baby while she is gone.

On a normal day I wear prefolded cloth diapers and pull on plastic panties with a onesie to hold things in place. Many of my plastics, diapers and onesies have nursery prints. I get away with wearing them as my wife does not know what they look like as she is totally blind. She does know I wear them as well as footed sleepers to bed.

She also found out I am TG about 20 years ago. After a lot of tears she has gotten to be pretty accepting of this as long as I do not push it on her. She sometimes helps me shop too.

Because I have been doing the TG AB thing for years I have lots and lots of diapers, plastic panties and sissy things.

Yesterday I decided to do some Ebay buying to augment what I have. I ordered a pink chiffon baby dress with puffed sleeves, matching plastic lined rumbas and a bonnet. I also order 5 onsies. 1 Pink, 2 with pink print and 2 white. All are "baby pants" brand and have snap sleeve. This will now give me 5 dresses and 17 onesies. I will be tossing a number of my old thread bare ones though.

I also placed to orders for Evenflow glass baby bottles with caps and silicone nipples. they are brand new. One order is for 3 8 oz bottles andthe other is for 6 8 oz and 3 4oz. These with the 7 baby bottles I have now will get me into good shape.

My plan is to take my wife to the airport the 1st while diapered of course. Then until she returns, I will not only do my usually wetting but will fill them as well. I will wear a plastic baby bib while eating and of course only eat Gerber baby food, drinkk water, juice and warm baby formula from my baby bottles.

We have a waterproof liner on our be now but I am going to buy a shower curtain to use as it will be really noisey!!

My plan for this blog is to keep track of my activities from now until she gets back. I will report any items I buy such as baby food, formula etc. I drink at least on bottle of yummy warm formula a day and eat Gerber baby food often.

For example, tomorrow my wife goes to her knitting group for the morning. When she leaves I will put on 2 fluffy petticoats and a sissy dress and plastic lined rumba panties. Then before eating I will put on a bib, eat a bowl of Gerber pablum and a jar of Gerber fruit. Of course I will drink a ba ba of formula. Because she is gone I will be able to mess my diapers and wear them dirty for a couple hours. I love how the poo begins to bubble after awhile!! After a shower and a fresh diaper I will play with my toys and favorite dolly. Fro lunch, again it will be a bib and penut butter and jelly sandwich and a hot dog cut into coin sized pieces so this baby will not choke.

I love being a diapered sissy!

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. I am very open minded so you will not embarrase or offend me. :)


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