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Off to S:t Petersburg

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Right. So, last blog was over 2 years ago? Good grief.

To be honest, I've written some blogs here since then, but I've always changed my mind in the last second, and thus stopped from posting them. Mind you, like everything else I write - I've saved it, so maybe I'll post it some other day... but on to the story.

So, last year, I was in S:t Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, to moniter the parliamentary election and eventually write a report on it. This was an extremely interesting experience for me, and it was a labour of love. My report was well received when I published it in a small scale (I only work independently, so my audience is small), so I've been given funding to do it again, now for the presidential election!

This time, I'm not alone. I'm bringing two close friends, they will both help me and give me company at the same time. Believe me, the city's huge, can't imagine how I survived there a few weeks ago.

Anyways, I'm leaving tomorrow, and I'll be there until Tuesday. Hopefully them protesters won't lose their minds when Putin wins. I won't undulge in the possibility of forged votes here, I'll hold on to that til' after I come home. I didn't see alot of cheating last year, so I don't know what to expect. According to one of the latest public polls, 63-66% of the Russian populus would vote for Vladimit Putin, so I guess his victory is to be expected. But who knows, in the end?

All my love!

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