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*might be offensive to some* "First time"

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I've been wearing adult diapers for pleasure on and off now for a couple months. Overtime I use them, I never go past urinating. Well.. I finally had the opportunity to try making a BM. Sorry if that detail is a bit offensive. D; Just tellin' it like it is. It was wonderful! I felt so naughty! hehehe. With nothing else to do but relax with my paci, my stuffy and Sesame Street...I let loose a bit. No pun intended. At first it was strange allowing myself, an 18 year old women, to mess right there relaxing on my bed. After letting it go, squishing it around was a different experience! The smell was a bit offensive, but that was nothing an open window and some Fabreeze couldn't fix! After about 3 hours of filling my M3 to compacity, I had a bit of fun. ;] But that's a different story... Once change time came, I was anticipating a difficult time trying to clean myself up. From all the stories I hear from you guys not liking clean up, I figured I was in for a ride. Wrong!! It wasn't bad at all. Some wipies clean it all up in no time at all. I think I'll be doing this again in the near future!

First time messing my diaper: Success!


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    There are some unexpected side benefits to messing. Once you're used to it, some normally disgusting tasks are somewhat less so.

    I had to clear some roots out of my sewer line last week. Not as revolting as I might have expected. No, I did not do it with a full diaper. One can never be sure that the job can be finished without an extra trip to hardware store before turning the water back on.
  2. JayJ's Avatar
    It would be strange for me to say "congratulations on messing" to an 18 year old woman on the internet. So I won't. :3
  3. Catinthehat's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy
    (2) Physical You meantion "guys not liking clean up".
    All I meant by "you guys" was "you all". :P haha. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.