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Leakmaster Plastic Pants...They Work Very Well!!!!

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In earlier blog entry I talked about the plastic pants that I got from the medical supply store, and how disappointed I was with them. Well after more frustration with the Assurance diapers (which is all we can afford to use daily) I decided to break down and get some Leakmaster Deluxe plastic pants from Adult Cloth Diaper. The problem is not with the absorbency of the Assurance, but that they wick liquid into the wings, which have no padding. Therefore my bedding still winds up wet. I figured that plastic pants would help rectify this problem. So I got my Leakmaster Deluxe plastic pants yesterday. They are huge and thick. They seemed to fit me just fine, and I could not wait to try them out overnight last night.

The Leakmasters did a fine job. Although the wings of the diaper were wet, I had no leaks. I wet while lying on my back, on my side, on my leaks. I'll keep on testing them over the next week, but I may have solved part of my problem. Plus...I love the way they look and feel. I'm starting to think about maybe making cloth diapers out of terry towels...if I can find a good way to fasten them.

Cheers all....

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