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Looking back.

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I have loved diapers from a vary young age, some times I would take one of my little siblings diapers and try them on in the bathroom. After I used them I'd just throw it in the bathroom trash, after all who would ever notice that there was three diapers in the trash when only two had been changed since the last time the trash was emptied?

I was always afraid to try wetting the bed, I thought of it, I could have used it as a way to get diapers or pull-ups, but thought I would get in trouble, that I never would get to go to summer camp, (which I never did anyway) I even hid the fact I wet a few times when I had real accidents.

But looking back it would have been so easy as a child to get away with,
who would punish a small child if his bed was wet when he had been up most the night with the flu?
he only wets ever few weeks but maybe we should give him a pull-up when we stay at the hotel.
Don't worry Tommy lots of kids wet the bed at your age, you don't have to hide it from us.

Looking back I could have done it, if I had my parents would never think about it now that I am grown up, but at the time wetting the bed was the worst thing I could have done.
Maybe its a good thing I didn't as it would have been cruel to have done that to my parents when nothing was really wrong with me. But what I thought I could have never pulled of as a kid I now know I could have.

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