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The flu, and the plan for a new jazz bass.

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These past few days I've had the flu. It is absolutely not a fun time. It isn't particularly bad this time around, but it is never fun having the flu. My girlfriend has been taking care of me a bit and I've been having a lot of naps, so it's still a little enjoyable.

I've had a lot of time to sit and think about what I would like to do for my next bass building project. I'd like a jazz bass: . Sure, I could go out and purchase a decent one for around $300. But I wouldn't be able to find one with my preferred options in that price range. I have a lot of parts kicking around from previous builds/mods. So, for under $200 I should be able to build a decent jazz bass. I already have the neck and the bridge. I also have the wood for the body, which is currently at my uncles mill, getting cut into 2x4 slabs so that I can make the body blank. I'll order the rest of the parts I need from Ebay, which should cost around $50 or so. I'm getting a credit card this week, which will help make this whole project easier, if not I'll just use my parents' credit card like I have been. I also have all of the measurements/templates for building a jazz bass to vintage specs. Once I have all of the parts in my hand, I'll start cutting the wood. Hopefully this turns out well.


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