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My mother's birthday.

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Mom turned forty today; you'd think she'd be having the mental break down; right?


We went to my grandmother's house to meet with family and so my mother could get her birthday present. (Which was a re-gifted scent pack from 2 Christmases ago.)

And my grandmother pipes and says "Ethan; I'm going to Florida for four weeks, do you wanna watch the dog? I can't pay you or anything but she likes you." Note, I don't like my grandmother's dog, she's a West Highland and she's not very social. She's also very mean.

I kept my cool, told nan I'd take the dog. And got in the car. It wasn't long before I was in the back seat with the dog bawling my eyes out, and do you want to know why?

My mother's family treats my mom and I like shit, they all have these great jobs, and beautiful houses. And they can afford to go places in life; And the best part is that they didn't have to work for it.

Mom and I, have been working our whole lives, only able to live in Basement Apartments and the like; mom's never have a steady job and we've never lived in a proper house. My clothes is hand-me-down from my older sister; And I couldn't be happier!

But today; my nan is going to Florida for four weeks, and mom and I don't know if we're going to be able to buy groceries because she didn't get her tax rebate.

It just made me realize, that life really isn't fair, and that reality is really cruel.

Well that was my two cents; I guess.


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