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Weight Loss

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Wasn't quite sure where this would fit on the site, so I decided to make a blog post.

Let's face it. I am fat. I weigh 250lbs. Its hard for me to breathe properly while laying down and I get winded climbing up the stairs. I have cut out soda, and sweets. I barely eat, but when I do, its a high fiber diet. My main problem is that I am lazy. I have tried diet pills in the past with moderate results. The best results I have had so far is with Alli. Rapid weight loss, but with the added side affect of incontinence. Obviously with me being a DL who likes to mess, this was a big plus. The major downside is the price. Alli is fraking expensive!

The main reason isn't that I want to lose weight to be healthier, but because I want to fit into smaller diapers lol. I even bought some small diapers and a really awesome Yoda t-shirt in small as extra incentive. I have the motivation to lose the weight, but I am still lay. I got a Wii Fit to try to make it fun.....however every time I step on the balance board I swear to Dog, that the thing say "OW!" (if you are wondering why I said Dog instead of God, its because I have recently become Atheist.)

So the tl;dr version is...
I want to lose weight but I am too broke and too lazy to do it.


  1. Nona's Avatar
    The Wii Fit board says "Ow" when you step on even if you're the perfect weight for your height. The only way to a sustainable weight loss is by maintaining a well balanced diet, and doing exercise. Even when you reach your target weight you need to continue eating healthily and exercising regularly. There is no easy, simple, or quick fix. You need to view it as a lifestyle change. Something permanent.

    Making a picture diary may serve as a good incentive, as you will be able to compare photos on a weekly/fortnightly basis and actually feel as though you're getting somewhere.

    Good luck to you, if you decide you're doing it properly.
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    You don't need to be rich or ambitious to lose weight, just patient. Food is fuel, fat is stored excess fuel. Put less in the mouth, fat makes up the shortfall. That should actually SAVE you money if you think about it.

    As for exercise, that can help the process by increasing your fuel requirements. Here's where the patience comes in. Fat is a pretty efficient way to store fuel. A pound of fat is roughly the equivalent of 3500 calories. It takes a lot of exercise to undo a pound's worth of overeating. Walking a mile burns roughly 100 calories. Maybe a bit more for a big guy like you , but still. You CAN burn a lot of calories via exercise, but first you have to get your cardiovascular system in shape to supply oxygen for the burning. That takes time as well.

    The Wii can be a good start, but its more effective to work the exercise into your daily routine, like using a bike or walking instead of bus or car whenever possible. Maybe it takes a little longer, but you're killing two birds with one stone: Exercise AND transportation.

    I'd be skeptical of Alli or any other weight loss pills. Anything that disrupts your digestive system like that can't be good. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.