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Story Time #1 Walkies

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I thought I would try something a little different and if it works out then maybe I'll continue. Let me know what you think in the comments below . These will always be somewhere near 100% true (at least as far as I can remember) and should hopefully be funny/entertaining. All names will be changed.

In January 2004 myself, my brother and three of our cousins were staying on our grandparents farm for a few weeks, we got up to all sorts of antics as I'm sure a group of 5 - 13 year olds would in a garden that was about 5 ish acress (that's just the garden...). One event that happened stands out in my memory, It didn't happen in the garden or even at the farm but it was still hilariously funny.

We were at my uncles house, who at the time lived next to an Australian Rules Football/Cricket oval. My uncle has this black Labrador, at the time he was pretty young and very bouncy but near fully grown. One of my cousins (let's call him Pete as he will probably feature in a few of these) decided to take the dog, Huey, for a run on the oval. We had a great time throwing his slobbery tennis ball for him and chasing him around.

After a while a car pulled up next to the oval and a man got out, we didn't take much notice until we realised that he was walking out onto the oval with some golf clubs. We continued gallivanting around on the turf as he walked on down to the other end of the oval and started setting up a tee.

And here I would like to set the scene, I am standing on the complete opposite side of the oval from this man Pete is somewhere near the centre and Huey is running around in between us.

All of a sudden Huey decides that it is a good idea to go and say hello to this man as he is getting ready to hit the ball (in our direction *rage face*). He runs over there and before we can even say or do anything Huey cocks a leg and "marks his territory" on this blokes golf stuff. At this moment Pete falls over laughing out loud, Mr Would Be Golfer starts shouting (I remember him shouting out "Its not funny", to which pete falls over in renewed laughter) and I'm trying very hard not to laugh out loud and sort of half managing some sort of side splitting silent death by laughter.

I'm pretty sure I yelled out sorry to the bloke and he might of said something about having to pay for it but, I collected Huey and Pete, who was still laughing in the middle of the oval and we all went straight back to my uncles.

We soon found from our uncle out that the guy was a teacher at the local secondary school and a bit of a snob and ass-hole. But we were literally in hysterics for hours afterwards.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed
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