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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

Dream Log entry 2

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Ok so I remeber being back at school with my normal circle of friends and I saw that they were giving away candy or something like that so I run to the comens area dodging a bunch of people to try and get candy and I get there and nothing. I end up runing back and hiting one if my friends with my plushie and yelling about them about the candy.

The next thing I remeber is being in bed and it's pitch black outside and I hurd this russeling outside my window so I thought it was just cats but then I start hearing foot steps so I kinda started couring in my bed and then after af ew minutes I get the curage to investagate and I turns out it was my dad doing yardwork.

My dad my be alittle weird sometimes but he would never do something like that.


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